Ask not what your country can do for you, Ask what you can do for your country.

John Fitzgerald Kennedy

Per aspera ad astra

The world is being shaken by a pandemic which imposes criticalities that the Governments around the world are finding solutions to. But looking at our main field, education, what is…
May 25, 2020

An everlasting present

„ είναι τα χθεσινά τα βαρετά εκείνα.Και καταντά το αύριο πια σαν αύριο να μη μοιάζει.“They are those tiresome things of yesterday. And the morrow seems not the morrow anymore.From…
May 18, 2020

Blood, toils, tears and sweat

And how could we sing with a foreign heel on our hearts, among the dead abandoned in the squares on the hard and frozen grass, to the lament of innocent…
May 4, 2020