Our Work

The most dangerous phrase in the language is

“We’ve always done it this way”

WAYouth Activities

WAYouth Activities are divided in to 5 different areas that we like to call “Knowledge Journeys”.

Despite the different themes and approaches, our journeys are characterized from the same methodology, Challenge Based, that includes Hackathons (Competitions where groups of students, belonging to different schools, try to think and develop smart solutions for social problems looking for an opportunity), Role Play Simulations, simulations of national and international negotiation processes where participants can learn and experience the rules of policy-making, diplomacy, and negotiation.

Each Journey comprises: Entry Point, Challenge Point (Hackathons, Models, MODEs, Future Labs).

Acceleration Process (finalization and development) of winning teams’ solutions, in collaboration with national and international organizations.


During our Journeys, we meet several different people that enrich us and our community.

All our Journeys are closely connected to the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development.

Modeling Global Citizenship

Exploring Roots

Accelerating Sustainability Transitions

Redirecting Focus

Experiencing Olympism