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Making The Youth driver of Change

WAYouth creates connections between opportunity and talent through Journeys that unleash potential and awareness.


Way, our road, our path, our direction, our meaning, our perspective.

Way-out, our way to escape.

Youth, because it has to be us.

You, because people make the difference.

Who We Are

Challenge Developer & Event Manager

From Research to Management

WAYouth pursues innovation through the organisation of educational team competitions or innovative workshops such as hackathon, simulations of international conferences and training workshops aimed at stimulating the creativity and spirit of initiative of our peers on the challenges of today’s society.

The challenges we present to the participating students are designed to offer an experience as complete and inspiring as possible.
WAYouth takes care of these training experiences from the design phase to its conclusion, managing logistics and direction of the event.

Peer to Peer Mentor

From Participants to Mentors

During our events, WAYouth employs a team of peer mentors trained on innovative teaching methodologies who help participants and teams manage the workflow. Peer to peer mentorship allows us to multiply the impact of our association, according to the logic whereby young people can have a positive impact on their peers so that they can play an important role facing challenges of general interest.

Project Developers

From Projects to Processes

Through the activity of project development we organize (eventually in collaboration with other organisations) training activities, capable of developing soft skills such as team working, problem solving, public speaking, working for objectives. Through our projects we build new social networks and collaborations between schools, institutions and organizations. Our goal is to accelerate the development of the networks born within our events and any project that these realities establish to progress through our HUBs.

What can we do for you?

Are you a student?

Apply your school or university for the organisation of a hackathon, simulation or workshop. Together we will create an event and a challenge that best suits your goal. Our team will design the event, its organizzazione and finally the participants’ experience.

Are you a teacher or a dean?

WAYouth can create specific challenges according to your school needs and for the purposes identified by the school staff. The association, in fact, can design a single event or a series of workshops to train students over longer periods.

Are you a company or an organisation?

Do you want to get in touch with young people? WAYouth events can be a tool to select young talents or innovative projects to develop!

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