Discover WAYouth

Making The Youth driver of Change

WAYouth creates connections between opportunity and talent through Journeys that unleash potential and awareness.


Way, our road, our path, our direction, our meaning, our perspective.

Way-out, our way to escape.

Youth, because it has to be us.

You, because people make the difference.

WAYouth is the first italian national community of Youngsters that have won Hackathons, Simulations, and all the main competitions promoted by the Italian Ministry of Education in the last years.

What We Do

Peer to Peer Mentoring

From Partecipants to Mentors

All the WAYouthers started as a Participants during Events, Projects, and National and International Initiatives.
Then, after beeing selected on the basis of competence, they became mentors.

Acceleration and Training

From Projects to Processes

Every Journey (Hackathons, Models, Competitions, etc.) for us is an “excuse” to start a much bigger process: creating new connections and building new communities.
This pushes us to accelerate and develop the smartest ideas.

Local Engagement

Think Global, Act Local

WAYouth stimulates individual and collective actions.
That’s why we promote our Journeys both on the local and national level.


Sharing ideas

WAYouth is the mean through which we share our stories: the portal that allows us to talk and contaminate each other.

It’s the space where we give voice to our ideas, those that we want to share with the world. WAYouth is not ours only, but it’s also for all our peers.
We want to tell them of our past, in order to include them in our and their future.

Growing together

Together is better

WAYouth enriches the lives of all those who get in touch with it, trusting their inclination to better themselves.
We organize meetings to talk to each other, such as Reunions, General Assemblies, and encounters with Teachers, School Principals, and Institutions.